Bob's Big Box

Bob's Big Box
As a music lover who just turned 40, I thought it was about time I explored the back catalogue of Bob Dylan, an artist I'd largely ignored previously. Right then...

Friday, 6 February 2015

About BobBox

Last week I bought the Complete Album Collection by Bob Dylan. It was at the temporarily low price of £89 and I'd just been paid some money owed to me, so it seemed like an ideal opportunity to invest some time and money getting to know his hefty back catalogue.

The 47- disc set comprises 35 studio albums up to 2012's Tempest, six official live albums and the compilation Side Tracks which collects together previously released material not included on the original albums.

My intention is to listen to one album every week or so, recording my impressions here. As someone who knows very little of Bob and his work I'm anticipating an enjoyable and interesting journey (although I have been warned about the 1990s!) on which I hope you can join me. Your comments and info are welcome whether you're a Dylan nut or Bob virgin, and assuming enthusiasm can be maintained on both sides it could be a fun way to pass 2015.

Okay then, into the box...


  1. I own 4 Dylan albums (Freewheelin', Bringing It All Back Home, Blonde On Blonde and Blood On The Tracks) - 6 of you include 2 Greatest Hits albums.
    I look forward to reading whether I should be owning some others

    1. Nice to have you on board, RD. I reckon you should just get the whole box now, it's got to be a sound investment even if there are a few dodgy albums!